The investments effected under discretionary investment agreements and advice rendered under investment advisory agreements covers primarily equities, bonds and/or other securities whose price fluctuates (subject also to exchange-rate fluctuation risk if denominated in foreign currencies). Accordingly, the estimated value of client assets under management fluctuates and may fall below the principal investment.

The main risks pertaining to investment advisory agreements and discretionary investment agreements are listed below:

  1. Price fluctuation risk
  2. Liquidity risk
  3. Credit risk
  4. Exchange-rate fluctuation risk
  5. Country risk
  6. Derivative risk
  7. Risk unique to alternative strategies

Information on Fees and Charges Payable by Clients

  • Investment Advisory and Other Service Fees: In consideration of the investment advisory agreement or discretionary investment agreement, the maximum investment advisory fee chargeable will be set by multiplying the outstanding balance of invested assets (an initial investment amount of at least 500 million yen is required) by 3.3% (3.0% net of tax) per annum, depending on the contract period. Certain agreements may include conditions charging a performance fee in addition to the fixed service fee.
  • Other Expenses: Other expenses that may be incurred include brokerage commissions on securities included in portfolios.
    If investment trusts are included under a discretionary investment agreement, the following expenses may be incurred: trust fees charged to administer the investment trust, an exit charge, service fees upon subscription and redemption, brokerage commissions on transactions in portfolio securities, securities custody fees, administrative expenses, audit expenses, fund establishment related expenses, interest on loan borrowings, stock borrowing expenses, etc.

Important Information to Note

  • As the performance fee and Other Expenses will change depending on the investment strategies and/or investment status, the rates or maximum amounts applicable thereto cannot be indicated in advance.
  • The risks, fees and charges described above vary according to the details of specific agreements and other factors. Before entering into an agreement, please read the delivered prospectus carefully.