• Investment trusts invest in assets whose prices fluctuate (foreign currency-denominated assets contain exchange rate risk as well), so the NAV will fluctuate accordingly. It is possible that the NAV will fall below your original investment.
  • Different investment trusts invest in different asset classes, markets, and countries, and contain different investment restrictions, so the details of their risks differ accordingly.

Outline of Fees, etc.

Investors must bear the following expenses:

Fee charged directly at the time of purchase and redemption

Purchase Application Fees: Up to 3.85% (3.5% before tax)
Redemption fee: Up to 1.1% (1.0% before tax)
Amount Retained in Trust Assets: Up to 0.6%

Fees and expenses charged indirectly through the trust assets (i.e. paid by the Fund)

Trust Fees: Up to 2.339% (2.24% before tax)
Some funds charge a performance fee based on investment performance, etc.
Other Expenses: Brokerage commission with respect to securities held in the portfolio, audit fees, interest on borrowing and advances, fees related to securities lending, etc.

* The rate or maximum amounts applicable to other fees and expenses cannot be disclosed in advance because the actual amount will vary depending on the state of the assets managed.

* The total amount of fees above will vary depending on the length of investment period and other factors. Therefore, we cannot give a specific total.

* For more detail, please refer to the investment trust explanatory document (prospectus distributed in advance of purchase).


  • Fees, etc. listed are the highest rates among those charged to the investment trusts managed by Nikko Asset Management (as of the day this content was created).
  • The risk information and fees, etc. disclosed above are those typical for a general investment trust. Actual fees will vary for each specific investment trust. For more detail, please refer to the investment trust explanatory document (prospectus distributed in advance of purchase).

Other matters to consider

  • These materials were prepared for the purpose of providing information on investment trusts offered by Nikko AM.
  • Unlike bank deposits or insurance policies, investment trusts are not protected by the Deposit Insurance Corporation or the Insurance Policyholders Protection Corporations. Nor are investment trusts protected by the Investor Protection Funds when purchased at banks or other registered financial institutions.
  • Any profit or loss derived from management of investment trusts belongs to all the beneficiaries. When purchasing to investment trusts, the distributor will provide you with an investment trust explanatory document (or prospectus distributed in advance of application) beforehand, so please be sure to verify the details and make your own decision whether or not to invest.